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Jericho Community Boatyard

Jericho Community Boatyard Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to defending Oxford boaters' rights and to getting our boatyard back.

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Cleaning and River Joys

Cleaning Products

I only use biodegradable cleaning products such as ecover washing up liquid, loo cleaner as well as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.


Recycling, Reclaiming, Reusing and Composting

Most councils now have very good recycling schemes set up. We have large bins for tin, glass, paper and plastic bottles just a few minutes cycle away but of course the council do not pick up from the boats.

I keep most newspapers for fire lighting or for mulching on my allotment. Some of the cardboard boxes I use also end up as mulch on the allotment.

Engines and Veg OIl

As I mentioned earlier, my boat does not move. This is because the engine does not work and the reason that I haven't had it fixed is because my hull is very thin and needs replating.

This is a big job for which I need lots of money. So until I have the money to do this it would not be safe to keep moving my boat around, hence no need for an engine.

Toilet Stuff

pee and poo loos

Always a great dinner conversation piece with boaters!


water butts

I fill three, 20 litre containers of water approximately every week  from a tap on my local estate that is a few minutes walk away and carry them back to the boat in my bike trailer.

Food – growing and foraging!

front deck

Food miles are a huge problem as we fly food all over the world. Buying food that is grown locally, or even better, growing our own, makes a big difference and  is one of the most rewarding things that we can do.

I grow lots of things on my front and back decks as they are large enough to accommodate lots of containers.


I have a wood and coal burner for heating the boat. It also has a back boiler that can heat radiators and hot water when it is going strong.


As heat rises and gather in the top of the boat I have an 'ecofan' that distributes the heat from the burner as it spins.

A London LILO Story

Low impact living on a boat in London

boat pic

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