Wood Treatment

waxes, varnishes, gels, oils

A good alternative to varnishes are hard waxes. If you've used an oil or hard wax then there's no need to sand the whole surface if it is stained or scratched - simply sand that area and retreat.

  • Osmo's Polyx Wax - is impressive, and although a bit pricey, has good coverage so doesn't work out very expensive at all when compared to varnishes. Recommended for internal wood and cork. Stain and water resistant, and easy to retouch. It's available from the Green Shop and in branches of Fired Earth (not usually on display - you'll have to ask for it).


The inside of my boat is fitted out with reclaimed sycamore, which was supposedly treated before it came to me. However after a couple of years I had to admit there were new woodworm holes around the old ones. I tried a pure borax solution. Later on I was told this is actually not a treatment, only a preventative, and it only stays on if you seal it under varnish or something, otherwise just washes off next time you wash the floor.

 My next plan is to try Biofa Wood Bliss, which is £60 for a litre, but fairly green apparently.


In line with instructions I am injecting each hole - yes really - the green tipped medical syringe is the size you want - with the pure stuff, and later I will paint the floor with 2 coats (24 hours drying in between) of 1 part wood bliss 3 parts water. I am finding the occasional dead or dying woodworm (kicking their little legs in the air, sad really)  so that's a good sign I guess. I'm in a bit of a panic about it as I've realised if the elderflowers are out a month early, the woodworm might be ahead of their official flying date of July...

 Will keep you posted on success or otherwise.

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