WMBOA - our Aims and Principles

As a group we try to treat our environment with respect.


Our living space is small compaired to houses and therefore requires less energy to power and heat.The small amount of electicity we use is 12volt DC and supplied from a bank of batteries.These batteries are charged by the engine when the boat is underway but mostly by solar panels and wind turbines.


Our heating is mainly supplied by SOLID FUEL BURNERS. We burn logs that have come from trees felled due to age or storm damage, these are often donated to us by local estates. Although not the most friendly fuel source to the enviroment coal is also burnt through the winter. We only use coal that has been brought into the area by traditional boat haulage thus supporting the river frieght, reducing the congestion on the road system and using much less fuel in transport.


We are not connected to the main water supply and have to rely on the water in our boats tank. We therefore strictly controll how much is wasted.




growing own food on our allottments


We form a supportive community with a commitment to an ecologically sound life style.We enjoy excellent relations with other local residents who take a keen interest in our efforts to improve our shared enviroment.

WMBOA have had a dog poo bin installed near our moorings and empty it regularly, we also complete a monthly litter pick on nearby towpath. We monitor the river for pollution and water levels which can change quickly and aim to improve life for all.

litter picking on the towpath