water butts

I fill three, 20 litre containers of water approximately every week  from a tap on my local estate that is a few minutes walk away and carry them back to the boat in my bike trailer.

You become very aware of how much water you use when you have to collect it and carry it all onto the boat, though only when I have been sick has this seemed like an annoying chore.

60 litres may not seem a lot but it is enough for me to wash morning and night, cook, drink all I need, and do all my washing up.

I do my laundry down at the laundrette down river via bike trailer and in the summer I can hang it to dry on the mooring or over my boat.

I use the British Waterways showers approx. twice a week and they are about 15 minute cycle away or I grab a bath at friends houses often when invited to dinner!

It is interesting to remember that everey time someone flushes the loo they use approx 10 litres of drinking quality water!