Toilet Stuff

pee and poo loos

Always a great dinner conversation piece with boaters!

Most boats have chemical loos that they empty at B.W. set points along the river, or they have a special tank in their hull that needs to be pumped out at a marina when it gets full.

My boat does not move and so neither of these options seemed to meet my needs. I decided to opt for a more interesting two bucket system.

I built two 'boxes' out of wood found in skips and put two toilet seats on top. Inside each box is an enamel bucket.

If I only need to pee I use one bucket and then use some of this diluted for compost on my plants. It is also a great compost activator.

I poo in the other bucket, cover it with sawdust, wood ash and / or leaf mold and put it out to compost in a wheelie bin.

Because my boat is wider than average I can actually compost it on my decks in two 200 litre wheelie bins provided by the council for compost,though I don't give the council my valuable composted poo!

It takes me a year to fill one bin as it is composting down the whole time.

After filling the first one, you then leave it for a year and when it will be compost that is ready to use.

The resulting compost makes excellent plant feed and can be used safely on fruit trees and bushes!

You may worry that this might smell, it doesn't at all, it's amazing that the sawdust, wood ash and/or leaf mold immediately neutralizes any odour.

I have encouraged cynics to smell the bins contents and they were pleasantly surprised!