Postcards Afloat

Postcards Afloat Competition - Results

After looking through all the great entries we got we can present the winners of our Postcards Afloat competition!

See the winning pictures.

See the runner up pictures.

Watch this space, we'll be posting descriptions and information about each picture over the next few weeks!


The following article was published in the September edition of Towpath Talk...

The idea of Postcards Afloat began as a joke, one summer's day on the
Rochdale Canal, when Felicity emerged from her engine room - overall-clad,
clutching a spanner, and sporting a smudge of grease on her cheek. Her
fellow boaters informed her she would make a great "Ms July" in an
imaginary narrowboaters calender. Somewhere along the way, the concept
changed to the more flexible idea of postcards. And when West Yorkshire
boaters came across Community Champions funding, Postcards Afloat became a

"So many people have no idea of what modern boating life is about," says
Ruth, a young medic and boat-dweller involved in the project. "We want to
highlight the low-impact nature of boat life, which is a deciding factor
for many people who choose life afloat, and to challenge some of the
prejudices and assumptions that land-lubbers seem to have.

Someone wrote to our local paper announcing that narrowboat loos emptied
into the canal, so boats shouldn't be allowed. Passers-by ask all sorts of
odd things - someone once stopped to ask Felicity, in disapproving tones,
if she had a job - and we're all lost count of how many times we've been
asked, 'is it cold in winter?' You find yourself wondering if you should
explain about the invention of fire!"