London Boaters

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London Boaters are a group of waterways dwellers who are developing agendas for radical change on London's canals and rivers. We focus on the legislative issues that affect our lives and aim to advance viable alternatives to those that affect us adversely, especially when they limit our freedom to live, work, bring up families and function as a bouyant community.

We meet monthly for a social and a discussion of current issues and future plans. As a diverse community we have many skills and political backgrounds which we can coalesce into useful action. We aim to interact with our locality as much as possible to improve relationships with land dwellers who live near us. London Boaters is non-hierarchical and we all want to free up any tendency for the waterways to become industrial nostalgia and a new leisure industry. We also feel that the waterways offer opportunities for low cost living for those wanting to live close to the land with a self-sufficient nomadic drive.

Please contact for more information on monthly meetings.

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Hi Sally, We have a job

Hi Sally,

We have a job making sense of all the nonsense you lot come out with!



hope you will succeed in this issue and London Boaters complete their task in the legislative mention above procedure.and i hope your community can do it easily as you say that you have political background and strong also :-) so i wish you for this :-)