lady mechanics

I love boat engines but dont know enough to not break them even more by fiddling and find myself at the mercy of some testosterone male saying "hey little lady, dont you worry none, I'll fix it". Part of you wants to brain him with the spanner you're wielding, but you know to get it fixed will take knowledge and money unless you comply and hope its unconditional.

Calling capable women  with engine skills! Whether self or course taught, it would be good to start a network or pool to share knowledge and ask questions. My first question is what course would anyone recomend for basic engine maintenance?



Hello, am a former perkins/agricultural mechanic, not femail, but happy to try  and answer questions. For courses, in coastal or inland areas you might find courses for boat mechanics, failing that Agricultural colleges do courses on diesels etc or 'plant'. Most colleges cover motor vehicles in modules and should let you do the engine, gearbox and electrics ones on their own. Evening / day release classes are better as they are usually for people with jobs who are perhaps a bit older. Made the mistake of enroling on a module on engine electronics which was part of a full time tec course, most of my fellow pupils were orrible teenagers and I was the same age as their parents. Of course the big secret is: most men don't know that they don't know that much about mechanicals.



hows your ability on the t6354m motors?