I have a wood and coal burner for heating the boat. It also has a back boiler that can heat radiators and hot water when it is going strong.


As heat rises and gather in the top of the boat I have an 'ecofan' that distributes the heat from the burner as it spins.

It works by sitting on top of the burner and the rising heat ensures that it turns rapidly.

I have a full size bath that I could use if I brought enough water on board as it would be heated through the back boiler as well.

I do not use it as I don't have an engine and carry all my water onto the boat, see below.

chopped wood

Wood for the burner can be found easily in skips all over the city and local tree surgeons are often happy to deliver the spoils from their days work as they sometimes have to pay to get it dumped.

We also live under crack willow and this can be burnt as branches fall off on a regular basis, though it is far from the ideal wood for burning, a nice seasoned oak log or green ash being the best!



When it is REALLY cold, I burn coal in order to keep the boat warm overnight.


This is delivered by coal barge regularly throughout the winter months, though next winter I am planning to get a delivery of firewood such as seasoned oak to see if this will stay in overnight , as not only is this far preferable to using fossil fuels, but it will probably compete favourably with the price of coal as well.