Food – growing and foraging!

front deck

Food miles are a huge problem as we fly food all over the world. Buying food that is grown locally, or even better, growing our own, makes a big difference and  is one of the most rewarding things that we can do.

I grow lots of things on my front and back decks as they are large enough to accommodate lots of containers.

watering can

However, as I am watering with canal water that sometimes contains oil, chemicals and even raw sewage due to discharges by companies upriver I don't eat the herbs grown on deck.

This is far less of a problem on other waterways, the River Lea being one of the worst offenders.


I am also lucky enough to live next door to some small organic allotments and have a small patch there where I grow some soft fruit, vegetables and lots of salad crops.



Walthamstow marshes are just opposite and are rich with comfrey, elderberries and blackberries in the summer months, as well as many herbs.

Along the riverside there are fruit trees including apples and damsons, as well as sloes.


 There are lots of edible plants and herbs out there ours  for the picking and w

we are also right next door to a park that has recently planted a small orchard with all sorts of fruit trees growing in it.

grow communities

Growing communities are a wonderful Hackney group that grow and source fruit and vegetables locally and you can pick up your weekly box scheme close by

(though I have to admit that I do not take advantage of this but keep meaning to)! They also run a local farmers market where local producers sell their fresh food on a Saturday.

Skipping! Nearly all supermarkets throw out of date food away at the end of each day. Most of this food is completely fine to eat.

There is nothing quite like eating a meal that you have provided for free, whether it was grown by yourself, picked wild or rescued from a skip!