Engines and Veg OIl

As I mentioned earlier, my boat does not move. This is because the engine does not work and the reason that I haven't had it fixed is because my hull is very thin and needs replating.

This is a big job for which I need lots of money. So until I have the money to do this it would not be safe to keep moving my boat around, hence no need for an engine.

Some people use their engine as a generator to top up their batteries, and I probably would as well if it were working!

In a way I am glad that temptation is not there as I would end up using much more power and would rather depend on the solar panels and wind turbine and adjust my output accordingly.

chip fat

For those that do have engines, there is a source of recycled chip fat locally.

'Greenmiles' collect chip fat from local chip shops and convert it into useable fuel that they then deliver when picking up the used cooking oil locally.

It can be used in place of diesel in most engines.

My V.W. polo car runs really well on it and my boat engine could too.

It is 80 pence a litre including tax, and while boats are still able to use red diesel that is tax exempt so they can sell it for use in boat engines at 55 pence a litre.

There are differing opinions on whether this is carbon neutral, but it is definitely far preferable to highly polluting diesel and as it is recycling an otherwise waste product

it should be encouraged as an alternative to diesel while the supply is there!