Cleaning and River Joys

Cleaning Products

I only use biodegradable cleaning products such as ecover washing up liquid, loo cleaner as well as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.


River Joys

swans      greylag family          

The wildlife in and around the river is one of the most wonderful things about living here. I don't think that I have ever looked out my window and not seen

some sort of bird within two or three seconds, and most of the time you can see four or five different species at once.

Swans are numerous, as are the noisy and territorial coots, moorhens, greylag and canada geese.

Kingfishers are an occassional treat, on my last boat they used to sit on the branch right by my bedside window preparing for their next fishing trip.

swans       heron

Herons often leave their muddy footprints, or their poo, on my roof.


 One night I heard somethhing walking over my roof. When I went to see what it was, I was met with a fox's face just inches away from mine on the other side of the window.

I don't know who was more surprised. Foxes are seen regularly along the towpath and in the neighboring park.

Some of the biggest spiders I have ever seen make their webs inside and all over the plants on deck in warmer months.

They are alway welcome as they keep the flies at bay.

Dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies all use the front deck, and the plants and flowers there, as a welcome stop off point on their travels.

In summer evenings bats show off with their aerial skills right outside the door as they hunt for insect food above the water.

The cat sadly does catch birds now and then though is reprimanded whenever he is seen to do this.

But he is so useful in ensuring that we do not have a problem with rodents, though sometimes he gets that wrong too

and more than once he has brought mice back to the boat alive and then lost them, a total pain when the idea is of course, is to ensure that the boat is rodent free!

kayaks     rowers

The river is also a ready made playground where we can play in our kayaks and rowing boat.

swan in sunrise

And as for the sunrises...

If i am not mistaken vinegar

If i am not mistaken vinegar can also help you clean some of the mess.You only need to put a bit of liquid in a piece of cotton fabric and wipe that in the area that has a dirt.