Calderdale Boaters

We are a bunch of boaters based around Hebden Bridge. We've got lots we'll be aiming to put on our section of this site, if we can just get our current wrangling with British Waterways to some kind of useful conclusion...

It looks as if we have got them to agree to treating about 20 boats as a "boat club" (a concept they're used to, rather than one of the more visionary sustainable mooring arrangements we've spent several years trying to get them to consider). The main bonus is we get a slight discount for the admin we save them by giving them a lump sum of money for all of us together for our moorings rent, plus we get to vet potential members who want any space we may have empty if anyone moves on (this will involve asking them to agree to our low impact principles), plus we stay out of the nightmare "blind tendering for mooring sites" BW is currently pushing. For the 5 years we've got our deal for, anyway. They may well refuse to extend it at that point.

calderdale boat club moorings

Our mooring prices do fluctuate a little bit for various reasons - mostly BW upping our prices occassionally - but at the moment (Nov 2011) they are around £37 per metre per year.
Within the boat club itself, mooring fees are paid quarterly so, for example, a 50foot boat will cost around £165 per quarter. Upon joining the boat club, you also need to pay an additional 3 months bond ( so the 50footer will make an inital payment of around £330).

We've been a bit rubbish about logging on here frequently and putting our meeting dates up - sorry! We meet quarterly, when payments are due to the boat club itself, on the Monday in the middle of the month. The next meeting is in January - not sure yet if that will be the 9th or the 16th, but probably the 16th. We meet at the Stubbings pub by the canal in hebden Bridge.

Calderdale Boaters now have a facebook page - if you find us there, that's probably the best way of keeping up to date with what's currently happening with us. If 'friending' us, include a message to say you are a boater!

January meeting

When is the next meeting of Calderdale Boaters please ?

next meeting - april

Sorry for the late reply. Next Boat Club Meeting is at the Stubbing Wharf Pub on 7pm TUESDAY 3rd April.

meeting 3/4/12

Calderdale Boaters

Myself and Louise Reah will be attending the meeting. Many thanks...

British Waterways v Davies: BW to Revise Continuous Cruising Gui

National Bargee Travellers Association
News Release 3rd April 2011
British Waterways v Davies: BW to Revise Continuous Cruising Guidelines
but live-aboard boaters’ homes now at risk from court judgement

The judgement in British Waterways v Paul Davies handed down on 31st March 2011 in Bristol County Court could have serious consequences for all continuously cruising live-aboard boaters. However, the outcome also means that British Waterways (BW) is to redraft the Mooring Guidance for Continuous Cruisers. In particular BW is likely to drop the requirement to make a progressive journey and to travel around a significant part of the canal network.

The judgement was sealed in the County Court and therefore only refers to Mr Davies. It does not create a formal legal precedent, but it is clear that BW will try to rely on it in future cases.

The judgement ruled that Mr Davies, who works, socialises and navigates in the 10 mile stretch between Bath and Bradford on Avon, was not using his boat bona fide for navigation. This aspect of the judgement did not consider the right to respect for his home, family and private life conferred by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. As a consequence of this judgement, many live-aboard boaters may be rendered homeless by BW.

The judgement on the meaning of “bona fide for navigation” appears to suggest that a live-aboard boater without a home mooring must genuinely intend to navigate the canal system and not move simply to comply with the law.

Nick Brown, the Legal Officer of the National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA), said “This really does pave the way for social cleansing. The judgement defined ‘bona fide for navigation’ as the intention to navigate in good faith. According to this logic, if you drove at 30 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone you would be prosecuted for speeding if you were simply observing the speed limit in order to comply with the law, rather than because you believed that 30 MPH was the appropriate speed to drive at. This would make BW the ‘Thought Police’ “.

On the positive side, any live-aboards subjected to Section 8 action by BW must be given the opportunity to defend themselves in court.

What BW is glossing over is that although the court found that Mr Davies was not using his boat bona fide for navigation, the judgement envisaged a use of the boat that falls short of the Mooring Guidance for Continuous Cruisers but would still comply with the legislation. In consequence, BW has now accepted that it does not have the power to enforce the continuous cruising guidelines in their present form.

The NBTA is taking legal advice.

--- ENDS ---

About The National Bargee Travellers Association

Established in 2009, The National Bargee Travellers Association represents and advises Bargee Travellers (itinerants who live on boats) in particular in relation to their housing needs and in defence of their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. It is a networking organisation that helps vulnerable boat dwelling communities protect themselves.

The NBTA also liaises with the settled community and works with public sector bodies such as British Waterways and the Environment Agency in formulating policy and legislation.

For more information contact:

E-mail:           press [at] bargee-traveller [dot] org [dot] uk

Next Calderdale Meeting

Please could you let me know when the next boating meeting is. I am looking for a mooring also for a 45 ft barge if possible. Thank you.

quarterly meetings

Would it be possible to post dates of quarterly meetings on the site (apols if you do and I haven't found it) as we would like to attend.
Anne and John Stevens

Sustainability Policy for new members

From the beginning Calder Boaters has had a set of sustainability/low impact principles, so people on our waiting list know they need to be willing to live a certain way to be eligible if one of our mooring spots frees up. So it you also own a house and two cars, don't bother to apply! If you own a bike, a spade and a wind-up radio, you've come to the right place!

Callis Comminity

The newly conceived 'Calderdale Boat Club' is up and running. Current fees for moring with us are approx £8/m and we have a waiting list. The initial start up is a bit harrowing, personally i think it cheap for a section on one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse parts of the canal in UK. Ideally we are looking for families of 1+ to come and join with the grow your own ethic (permaculture) at Callis, but we also have line length with no food/garden for people who want to sit in burning wood, shuffle their ornaments and polish their portholes.

Is that 8 pounds per foot

Is that 8 pounds per foot per month? Or 8 pounds per meter anually?