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LILO Postcards Afloat Competition Winners
LILO Postcards Afloat Competition Winners

Do you know what all those ropes do? But aren't boats cold in winter? Jo on her narrowboat The extraordinary beauty of this scene quite took my breath away Living aboard means learning new skills

Electricity-free clothes drying A traditional cargo The river around these plants is so polluted that it can't be used to water them A dry compost loo system Electric systems aboard boats are easily adapted to run on solar or wind power

The River Lee fosters impressive biodiversity Jetty built from reclaimed scaff poles and pallets Squatted community gardens Every bank a garden! Clay oven providing boaters with fresh bank-baked bread

Not all weed hatches and bilge pumps! A pedal-powered boat A great place to raise kids Washing clothes by hand using a traditional 'dolly' 13th birthday on board

Clearing her propellor of debris A great place to raise a family "Jumping The Mop" They can break your arm you know! Boaytard in Jericho sold down the river by Brutish Waterways